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Ducks Unlimited 3 Piece Set

Mr. Minardi was commissioned by Ducks Unlimited to produce a series of Laser Art photographs for their annual meeting. These photographic works of art were sold for thousands of dollars. This is a special introductory offer for new members of the Minardi Gallery.

Each photograph is of wild Mallard ducks produced in a pioneering digital photographic process. Each is originally produced for you to archival standards and signed and numbered by the artist, Michael Minardi. The lowest number available in a series of 250 will be sent to you.

Each Ducks Unlimited art photograph $150
Set of 3 20x30 Ducks Unlimited art photographs $399
Prints may be ordered any size up to 20x30 for the same price. Doctors, lawyers, veternarians, Ducks Unlimited members, hunters and duck lovers will love decorating their office or den with this outstanding collection during this one-time offering! If you would like any of these prints please order right away, as this is a Limited Edition.