"Mike certainly qualifies to wear the title Mentor, but I think it's more than that. He embodies the very essence of the word... Before I met Minardi, I was just a photographer. He taught me how to become the consummate professional and showed me what it means to be a camera artist."
Phil Smith
Warsaw, IN

Minardi Photography, Inc. offers consulting services to professional photographers, students and amateurs. Michael has helped many people by sharing his years of experience on assignment and in the darkroom. He can help you capture that perfect shot, market your skills effectively and teach you the "secrets of the trade". Students in particular require assistance in today's competitive world of photography. Michael Minardi is making his skills, expertise and knowledge available to the serious students of this art. All consultation is done by written correspondence or via email. If you are sincerely interested in obtaining this service please fill out the request form.

Mentorship is for those requiring advanced consultation and may continue over several sessions. Photography Mentoring will be personal and confidential. Help to clients can be by phone, tape, correspondence or personal visits. If Mr. Minardi can be of service to you, you will be contacted by return mail or E-mail. As a client you will receive in writing how Mr. Minardi can help you; and an estimate of the cost of this Mentoring. It may be a flat fee, an hourly or daily rate for ongoing mentoring and guidance. Minimum consult is $150.00. Please include a resume, your technical skills and a description of your photographic equipment in your initial correspondence. This will help Mr. Minardi to know you better and evaluate your needs. All fees must be paid prior to consulting. Mr. Minardi has helped thousands of professional and amateur photographers and he can help you. If you are sincerely interested in obtaining this service please fill out the request form.
"A top notch portfolio isn't just about great light, flawless composition and strong content. You've got to know how to get your book seen by the right people. Mike can give you the in's and out's of the business that they don't teach you in school. He has been a constant encouragement to me."
William Plowman
Freelance Photographer
Boston, MA

Private and confidential portfolio reviews only. Sorry, no telephone or personal review of portfolio is available. To obtain a review, please:

  • Send a check for $250.00 made out to Minardi Photography (no credit cards accepted at this time) and send to
    Minardi Photography
    Portfolio Review
    4401 A Connectucut Ave NW
    Suite 236
    Washington, DC 20008-2302
  • Send portfolio at your expense. No C.O.D.'s. Use traceable delivery service like Express U.S. Mail, U.P.S., Federal Express, Airborne Express, etc. Certified mail with return receipt is not traceable. Insure your portfolio for what it would cost you to replace it. A lot of photography was destroyed in California fires, and in plane, car, bus, boat and truck accidents. Do not send original photographs unless you can replace them or do without them if damaged or destroyed.
  • Mr. Minardi does not accept any responsibility for any photography or portfolios. Professional care will be taken with your portfolio. By observing the following guidelines you can minimize any possibility of damage:
    1. Please give instructions to open your portfolio if needed.
    2. Be sure that normal opening with box opener will not cut or damage your property.
    3. Be sure delivery of your portfolio is signed for and not left at my doorstep.
    4. Be sure your portfolio is secured against water, rain and snow.
    5. Pack your pictures and portfolio so that they cannot be bent. Label outside "Do Not Bend, Photography".
  • Indicate your intended market, e.g. Advertising, Corporate, Photojournalism, Magazine, Illustrations, etc.
  • Enclose return paid envelope with all necessary documentation for your portfolio to be returned back to you.
  • Be sure to write your street address and phone number. Only the U.S. Mail delivers to Post Office Boxes.
  • Nothing over 10 lbs will be accepted.
Turn around time should be approximately 2 weeks. If it ends up being longer than that, you will be notified. Upon receipt, you will be sent a postcard that your portfolio was received. The review of your portfolio will be by written or taped response. It will be based on content, presentation, style, imagery, the market you intend to show it to, the client, technique, critique and positive suggestions that should help you be successful. If you are sincerely interested in obtaining this service please fill out the request form.