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Have you noticed that your past is like a carefully written novel? Everything that you did or happened to you, who you met, who you fell in love with, and how you met your soul mate. Your career seems to be perfectly orchestrated when you look at it in retrospect. They say hindsight is 20-20! Synchronisity describes the seeming order from all the totally random and chaotic things that happen to us and around us. Think of what your life would be like if your future would be as perfectly laid out as your past. Well I have news for you. It will be! Five or ten years from now when you look back to this moment, everything you do from now to then will appear as a professionally written novel. If only you could see ahead. Even just a little bit. But that may not be as good for you as you think. Remember to be careful what you wish for. You may get it. You may see good times and happiness, but conversely, you may see something that you really don't want. Like a car wreck or a worse disaster, or even a death of someone close. Nature takes care of us by shielding us from the future. I think it was built into the design of human beings as a protection. There is a way to tap into this future order that is coming into your life. Joseph Joworski has given this a name and defined it with the word "SYNCHRONISITY." It is the perfect order by which the whole universe runs. You may read the book published recently by Simon & Schuster to understand this concept in depth. I want to inform you of this new found thought that is really as old as the universe itself. Everyday the world turns and planets revolve around the sun and galaxies twirl around the universe with perfect harmony. Our lives are really perfect. However, we have free will and with this gift I believe we can choose to go with our destiny (so to speak) or go against it. Again going back to the premise that our lives seem like a carefully written novel. We want to tap into this SYNCHRONISITY for our future part of this virtual novel. But how can we? There is no time travel machine. That's not what I'm talking about. It is living perfectly the life that you want to live. Manifestation is one way to make the future you want and then get to live that future. Remember "Imaging"? I remember I wanted a BMW so bad that I could taste it. I placed pictures of the exact model BMW I wanted on the refrigerator door, on my bedroom mirror, in my office, and in my living room. Consciously and subconsciously I thought about how I could afford it. I was manifesting my dream. I didn't pray for it, because at the time, I didn't think it was proper to pray for a car. But now I do think its OK. It is all part of the positive energy of manifestation. My investigation and research revealed that there is a special program at almost every bank whereby you can purchase a car and the bank will agree to buy it back from you in 3 to 5 years at a fixed price. They subtract that fixed offer from the sale price of the car and the difference is all that you finance. My bank called this type of financing as alternate to lease. You can read about it in last month's seminar. I manifested this idea that I could be driving a BMW and I bought it. I did the same positive manifestation thinking to buy my lake home. Wayne Dyer, PhD., has written a great book that is easy to read and very enjoyable called You'll See It When You Believe It. He also wrote Manifest Your Destiny, which I suggest reading. It will guide you in this way of thinking. It is more of a way of being or a way of living. You live the life you want to live by manifesting that life and its scenarios. SYNCHRONISITY involves being open to it's concept. You must believe in it and have faith in the concept for it to really work for you. Turn yourself into a receptor for this energy and you should receive it. The more synchronisity that happens to you, the more it will happen. It can become like a snowball rolling down a hill. Its like a lucky streak that doesn't end. There have been times in business that I desperately need funds for a project and I had talked to everyone about the project needs. At 11:30 p.m. at night, the night before my deadline, a friend called me and asked me if I could use $50,000 in my business for a while because he had a cash surplus for a few months. By the way, he was not one of the people that I had talked to about this business project. But I put out so much energy, and I was open to receive energy like a big antenna, that I received what I needed. Remember the Rolling Stones' song's lyrics "you can't always get what you want, but you get what you need." Tune into the concept of synchronisity and you will receive it. My wife and I try to live and be in this state of SYNCHRONISITY. Think of all the things in your life and career that have gone your way and benefited you. Take a few minutes and write them down. This is good practice for your soul. Writing things down makes concepts become reality. Thoughts become words on paper. Even though I have a computer, I still like writing. There seems to be a primal feeling of creation that I don't get typing into a computer. Maybe its the way the words seem to come out of my mind through the end of my pencil onto the paper. After you've written down the perfect things that happened in your life, add to that the perfect things that happen daily and weekly as you live in the concept of synchronisity. As you now take more notice of this wonderful energy, you will notice a lot more synchronisity happening to you and in your life. That is the way synchronisity works. This isn't something you study that you have to wait years for. It is immediate. There is no such thing as luck or chance. Everything happens for a reason. Gee, you got that photo assignment that you wanted. How lucky! No, you went to school for years and years. You mastered photography and developed your own style. You marketed yourself to Art Directors and Photo Editors. You bought a full color page in a photo source book. And you purchased all the equipment in your studio so you could have luck? I don't think so. Chance? Wrong! You are fortunate, however, to get the assignment that was perfect for you and your photo talents. As the world goes on, there are those who believe in synchronisity strongly and would say that you got the assignment that you were going to get. But I feel that you could have also done something that would have kept you from getting your assignment. I think we have to do our part in synchronisity. Others might say that you weren't supposed to get the assignment if you didn't get it. I feel its more a part of our free will process, whether conscious, unconscious, or subconsciously. I have witnessed people actually talk someone out of giving them an assignment and not even realize they were doing it. All their negative words, sentence structure, body language, attitude, and movements were subconsciously turning the Art Director into an adversary instead of turning the Art director into his fan. Take a video camera and film yourself giving your sales pitch to a client. You might really be surprised at all the little things you do that are counterproductive to what you are trying to achieve. I have been fortunate to attend Hill & Knowlton's media school in New York where I was trained by some of the best media people in the business. And yes, I had a few bad habits that I didn't know I had; and I've had a lot of prior training. I recommend their media training for everyone who really wants to be a success. Synchronisity is essential for getting that perfect photo. You prepare yourself and your equipment. You patiently wait for that precise moment in time to click your shutter. Then you actually perform the act of creation, and fire the camera to make the photograph on the film. You can do any of these steps singly and not achieve the desired results. I feel you must do all these steps and one more. You must be open to the energy that will come to you from the universal law of synchronisity to make these all come together at that specific perfect moment in time that you capture on film. One split second earlier or later may not result in the same image, especially in action photography. Synchronisity is a free gift to you from your universe. All you have to do to be in its grace is to believe in the concept and take note when it happens to you. Always be grateful for this blessing.