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"Mike certainly qualifies to wear the title Mentor, but I think it's more than that. He embodies the very essence of the word. I truly believe he would give his own shutter finger to save the career of another photographer. Before I met Minardi, I was just a photographer. He taught me how to become the consummate professional and showed me what it means to be a camera artist. They don't get much better than Minardi. He's the epitome of the true Mentor who brings new meaning to the term idea man. For Mike, the camera is a brush and the world is his canvas. His talent with the shutter release is second only to his ability to Mentor."

Phil Smith
Warsaw, IN

"A top notch portfolio isn't just about great light, flawless composition and strong content. You've got to know how to get your book seen by the right people. Mike can give you the in's and out's of the business that they don't teach you in school. He has been a constant encouragement to me."

William Plowman
Freelance Photographer
Boston, MA

"I could see the quality of your work. Obviously, the work does indicate that you are a competent photographer on a technical level and your photographs are quite imaginative with great visual impact. I will keep you in mind for assignment work and I assure you that we will give you every courtesy and consideration."

Howard Chapnick
Black Star
New York, NY

"In your role as a Kodak Mentor, you have become a valued spokesman for us in the Professional Photography Division. We Are extremely proud of you. We wish you every possible success."

Raymond H. DeMoulin
Professional Photography Division
Vice President, Eastman Kodak Company
Rochester, NY

"Congratulations on your outstanding achievement in the 1988 Military Picture of the Year competition. Your winning entry places you in the forefront of photographic excellence. I applaud your success and your outstanding work."

Edward M. McDonald
Colonel, U.S. Army
Defense Information School
Fort Benjamin Harris, IN

"Many Marines will be proud of what they do, and proud of being in the Marine Corps because of your photographs."

H. W. Jenkins, Jr.
Brigadier General, U. S. Marine Corps
Legislative Assistant to the Commandant and
Director of public Affairs