Minardi Photography

Note: Mix powder chemicals day before needed

  1. Assemble tanks, reels, caps, & lids Make sure everything fits together properly.
  2. Turn off all lights.
  3. Load film onto reels & put reels into tanks.This step must be done in absolute darkness.
  4. If film is in light tight tank, white lights may be turned on.
  5. Assemble chemicals to develop film.
  6. Check temperature of chemicals (all should be the same).
  7. Calculate correct development time at specific temp. Use Kodak Darkroom Dataguide or film spec sheet.
  8. Set timer.
  9. Pour developer into tank with film and agitate 30 seconds, then agitate five seconds every thirty seconds rapping the tank on something hard to break lose any bubbles that form on the film.
  10. Pour out developer at exact time.
  11. Rinse with water (if stop bath used, rinse after with water).
  12. Pour in fixer for 3 minutes, agitate first 30 sec. Kodak rapidfix with hardner is suggested.
  13. Pour out fixer ( can be reused for film and/or paper). After fixing room light cannot harm film.
  14. Wash film one minute with water.
  15. Soak film in Permawash for one minute.
  16. Wash again for one minute with water.
  17. Soak film 30 seconds in Photo-flo.
  18. Squeegy film clean with special sponges or fingers.
  19. Hang film to dry in dust free area.

  Diagram of  Darkroom Procedure

  1. Developer Kodak Dektol powder Dilute 1:2
    Edwal T.S.T. liquid Dilute 1:15
    Leave prints in developer for l minutes*
    * one to two minutes acceptable  
  2. Stop the development of the paper with Glacial acetic acid 28% working solution by putting it in the stop bath for 20 seconds.  
  3. F ix the prints with Kodak rapid fix with hardner.
    R.C. prints 5 minutes
    single weight 10 minutes
    double weight 15 minutes  
  4. Hypo Clear This step helps get the fixer out.
    Try to wash before and after this step
    Times are the same as for fixing
    Permawash or Kodak Hype-Clearing Agent are good  
  5. Water Wash with water for the same time as fixer
  6. Dry prints either by air or machine.
    Never put RC prints on drum type dryer.
  7. never go backwards in developing proceedures. & Use tongs.
  8. Two sides to a darkroom, DRY and WET. Never contaminate either side.
  9. Wen using your hands in the darkroom, always wear rubber gloves. Use your hands so that you have a clean hand and a chemical hand.