Every photograph in all the Exhibits in the Minardi Gallery may be licensed for use. Minardi's images are used around the world by advertising agencies, leading corporations and magazines. The Internet now allows Art Directors and Photo Editors the ability to instantly access Minardi's great images for use in their publications and advertisements. There is no need to wait for a portfolio of photographs. See what you need now, and have it now!

You select the image or images needed to be licensed, describe your intended use on our store's purchase form, and send a check for the fee payment. It is easy, simple and fast. The picture or pictures can be obtained via ftp or sent to you on diskettes for an extra charge. All the photographs in the Minardi Gallery are available quickly in high resolution after the signed Purchase Order and payment have been received and acknowledged by signed fax receipt from the Gallery. We have gone to great lengths to offer this state of the art service to our Members; Minardi has always been a leader in the photography industry. This modern image transfer and easy payment service eliminates all the risk, exposure and problems inherent with the shipping and handling of original slides and artwork. Paperwork and bookkeeping has been reduced to a minimum to save our Members time and money. It is the future at your fingertips today. It is extremely fast, efficient, safe, secure and professional. It is a great service and is FREE to you as a Member.

There is no more need for the frantic, unsure service and wait for overnight delivery and scheduling of package pickup. Members can have it now! Please click to the Gallery Store to order and view an inventory of our products and services.

Complete satisfaction is guaranteed.
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