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The web site in total, and all the pictures and words therein, are for Members' private electronic viewing only. No rights are conveyed or implied to be conveyed except in writing by Michael J. Minardi for the entire web site and the photographs and words therein. Downloading of pictures or words is prohibited. The pictures appear in low resolution and are not suitable for printing. Members wanting copies for personal use of any picture or pictures from the Photography Exhibits in the Minardi Gallery may conveniently click to the Gallery Store to easily place an order.

Personal use is described as being "not for resale or publishing." Members have permission to hang the picture in your home or office. Reproduction or copying of any kind is prohibited by law with a $10,000 fine.

We value your Membership patronage and we strive very hard to bring you a thoroughly unique experience which you will enjoy over and over again. If you love a photograph in the Minardi Gallery and you want to own it, please let the store staff fill your order request; and send it to your home or office anywhere in the world. You will receive the high quality photograph that you ordered hand delivered by a courier directly to you quickly. You do not have to settle anymore for a terrible low resolution computer copy printed with a watermark in it. Order the best and own the best!

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